How It Began

The Khumbu Education Fund (KEF) is a philanthropic project initiated in 2008 by a group of close mountaineering friends who met during the Everest expedition.

Interacting with the Nepali Sherpas on such climbs, the team witnessed the hardships they face to make ends meet. This project was therefore started in hopes of improving the lives of these people.

About the Fund

Incredible Journeys believes that education is key to eradicating poverty.

The purpose of this fund is to cover the cost of education on behalf of Sherpa families by sponsoring their children's secondary school fees, ensuring a minimum qualification of GCE 'O' levels. This provides the children the opportunity to attain education, becoming better equipped to support their families. Beneficiaries of this fund will be rewarded for their academic excellence with the continuity of sponsorship.

The annual collection is consolidated from pledges and ad-hoc contributions from friends and the public. Presently, any shortfall in the collection is underwritten by us and three other core members of the project.

How You Can Help

With the aim of sponsoring more Nepali children through this meaningful project, Incredible Journeys is selling IJ T-shirts ($15) which are made in Thailand, as well as its multi-functional head gear ($15). Both items can be purchased at a bundle deal of $25. The sale of these apparel will go towards the funding of KEF.

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Thank you!

Edwin Siew
Founder/Director of Incredible Journeys