Welcome to the Incredible Journeys Gear Shop!

It is important to us that we offer reliable technical gear and apparel to our clients.

Our apparel consist of high quality material and are hand-picked based on performance testing in extreme wilderness climates.

Our selection consists of T-shirts, wind-stopper vests, lightweight fleece and down jackets, which are specially handcrafted and bear the marks of excellent workmanship. We will be expanding our collection in the coming months, so do look out for them on our IJ Facebook page.

Latest T-Shirts comes in different colours and sizes. We also have the lady-cutting with the various colours as shown below. Do note that the sizes are based on Japanese (Asian) sizing.


  • White

  • Back View

  • Lady Cut

  • Charcoal Black

  • Red

  • Blue

  • Green


To place an order, simply send us an enquiry including details of the products you wish to purchase and kindly specify your preferred colour and size, where applicable.

Your purchase goes towards a good cause.

By purchasing from the IJ Gear Shop, you will be contributing to the Khumbu Education Fund, an Incredible Journeys initiative which is used to support Nepali children in their pursuit of education. If you're keen to know more about this meaningful project, please check out our 'Giving Back' section.