Our expeditions are designed to challenge you by taking you farther and higher than you have ever dreamed possible.

Each expedition comes with its own information pack which specifies logistical details, pricing and adventure itinerary. Should you have any special requests, we would be happy to arrange a customized programme upon consultation.

Boutique Expeditions

Like to rough it out during the day, but retreat to the comforts of modern living at night?

Being outdoors doesn't necessarily mean dwelling in discomfort or abandoning civilization altogether. This exclusive package panders to your longing for the simple pleasure of home, along with the creature comforts that provide much needed reprieve from a tedious journey.

After all, what better way to reward yourself than having the luxury of quality sleep quarters and proper amenities?

This extravagant package concludes with a luxurious accommodation that allows you to recharge as you ease into a private world of comfort, true indulgence and bliss. Compared to the rough and rugged outdoors, such accommodation is sheer decadence and a delightful way to end your amazing journey.


Customised Expeditions

We promise a unique experience for every journey, with no journey too trivial.

Ranging from beginner to expert levels, this adventure package includes customized training programmes designed to suit personal and corporate needs. We are committed to preparing our clients holistically for their expeditions through tailor-made training schedules and technical workshops.


X'treme Leadership Expeditions

Not for the faint of heart - an exhilarating programme designed to challenge your mental and physical boundaries.

Expect to shed some blood, sweat and tears. Your leadership skills and ability to work as a team will be tested. At the same time, deep bonds of friendship and camaraderie will be forged under adversity. Be prepared for an adventure of a lifetime and experience the sweet taste of victory on the other side!

River / Sea

Calling all water enthusiasts! Whether you consider yourself a river runner or an exploratory kayaker, Incredible Journeys leads thrilling river and open-water journeys that are guaranteed to quench your thirst for adventure. Our explorations range from river explorations to island hopping within the Asian region.

Motor Roads / MTB

For those who prefer adventures on two-wheels, Incredible Journeys offers guided explorations to exotic locations in China, India and Borneo.

This exhilarating challenge caters to avid riders who wish to experience the world from a different perspective. Join us for a ride of a lifetime!


Incredible Journeys also offers customized trekking adventures suited for all levels. This low to moderate impact activity brings you up close and personal to the beauty of nature, while allowing you to experience first-hand various cultures in a fun and fulfilling experience.

Winter Owls Trekking

A unique collaboration with Outdoor & Wilderness Leadership Specialists (OWLS), this intensive trek is only for ages 17 and above. The programme involves exposure to new challenges under extreme conditions, and develops skills such as leadership and decision-making. This programme is also well suited for companies wishing to develop executive-level team building skills.

Conducted in small teams on the wintry peaks of Korea, participants will have to trek long distances and negotiate difficult terrain.

Experienced trainers from IJ and OWLS will be on hand at all times to facilitate learning opportunities and ensure safety throughout the programme.

Mountaineering / Ice-Climbing / Sledging

Ever dreamed of scaling the peaks of Mount Everest? Perhaps you wish to tackle one of the toughest mountains in the world, K2? Maybe one of your fantasies has always been to go skiing in Antarctica or Greenland? If so, Incredible Journeys can help turn those dreams into reality! It doesn't matter what or where your starting point is, we will get you there. Speak with us today!