Our technical courses aims to equip clients with essential expedition skills at a reasonable cost. To date, we have conducted training on mountaineering, ice climbing, cross-country skiing and sledging.

These are applied courses and will be delivered in a safe and fun manner while meeting specific course objectives. Through hands-on sessions, our clients will have the opportunity to experiment with various gear and equipment.


Latest Course (now open for enrollment!)

Incredible Journeys is proud to announce its next Ice-Climbing Course complete with the Siguniang Summit Challenge in Chengdu, China!

The Ice-Climbing course covers belaying techniques, use of mountaineering equipment, jummarring, use of ice-boots and crampons, and ice-climbing techniques.

The course will conclude with a Summit Challenge where clients can put their new skills to the test.

  • Ice Climbing Course & Erfeng Summit Challenge at 5,454m (Intermediate and Advance levels)
  • Ice Climbing Course & Dafeng Summit Challenge at 5,355m (Beginner level)