"Thank you very much for an excellent session in leadership and operational efficiency, it was a morning well spent in learning about these matters in a way that is so different - and enlightening. The sharing that you and Edwin did was quite an eye-opener for us, and it is gratifying to learn that operational efficiency can make such as huge difference in so many different areas of work and life.

The feedback has been very positive, the participants were also appreciative of how you had taken the effort to also facilitate the different hands-on activities that helped to bring the lessons to life and show how relevant they can be in our corporate environment."

Allison Lum
Group Operations
Great Eastern Life Assurance Co. Ltd.


"In Dec 2012, I signed up for a trip organised by IJ, it was for an ice climbing course topped up by a climb in the Siguniang Mountains of Sichuan, more specifically Erfeng or second sister. Technically Edwin and David guided us through the intricacies of ice climbing, from equipment, safety and movement through various types of ice and incline. The waterfalls were superb and the climbing exhausting but manageable, even for a 67 year old retired doctor !! A great experience can be had even for a novice.

From the valley we moved on to climb Erfeng. Trekking in to base camp exposed us to the high mountains. Exhilarating, but getting up at 2 am in the morning, putting on frozen boots ,parkas and backpacks in the thin air .....you need to experience it ....an effort...in the thin air and minus 15 degree temp you set off aided by your solitary headlamp...

What distinguishes this "journey" different from others that I have taken is the care and consideration for us clients undertaken personally by both David and Edwin. At all times I knew that our welfare was uppermost in their minds. Personally I was touched by Ed's jar of manuka honey to assuage a dry cough which started even before the trip!!

I would certainly recommend this journey both to novice and experienced climbers, to enjoy a winter sojourn in the rugged mountains of Sichuan."

Dr Siang-Yo