Jamling Bhote

Seven-time Everest & One-time K2 Summiteer
Founder of Ever Quest Expeditions
Incredible Journeys Overseas Partner

Jamling Bhote is a familiar face to many Singapore mountaineers and trekkers. We were first introduced to Jamling when we climbed Mardi Himal in 2003, and have since been on numerous expeditions with him.

Known for his ability and enthusiasm in learning and embracing new skills, Jamling has progressed greatly from the shy, soft-spoken sherpa whom we met all those years ago. He is now an established Himalayan guide who has led many successful expeditions. Yet in spite of all his achievements and extensive experience in the Himalayas, Jamling remains a humble, friendly and optimistic person in and out of the mountaineering scene.

Incredible Journeys is proud to partner with Jamling and Ever Quest Expeditions, as we share the same vision of providing clients an incredible experience each and every time.

OOur sherpas are an invaluable asset to the team here at Incredible Journeys. With their expert knowledge of the Himalayan terrain and climate, these skilful guides are among our strongest climbers and are vital in securing safe, fun and successful expeditions.

Lee Jiho

Founder of Outdoor & Wilderness Leadership Specialist (OWLS)
Former Head of Programme, Outward Bound Korea
White Water Kayak Trainer
Ice Climbing Trainer
Incredible Journeys Overseas Partner

Jiho lives and breathes the great outdoors, having dedicated his life to the pursuit of adventure while juggling the responsibilities of a family man. He has been extensively involved in the outdoor adventure industry in Korea, and always seeks to remain at the forefront of adventure and outdoor education. To that end, Jiho travels to numerous countries to pursue new and innovative skills, seeking to integrate these skills back in his motherland.

Jiho firmly believes that for one to live well, one needs to strike a balance between meeting societal needs and having an appreciation towards life.

Chief Instructor
Lim Kim Boon

Ice climbing trainer
Manager and Trainer for the First Singapore Women's Everest Expedition 2009
Singapore Mountaineering Federation Trainer and Assessor
Trainer for the NUS Centennial Everest Expedition 2005
Incredible Journeys Overseas Partner

Kim Boon is no stranger to the local Singaporean adventure scene. He is known for his extensive experience as a mountaineer, trainer and assessor. Kim Boon conducts his ice-climbing programmes primarily overseas in the UK, China and parts of Southeast Asia.

Among his many achievements are training and managing the First Singapore Women's Everest Expedition in 2009, and most recently, single-handedly setting up the ice climbing course in Chengdu.

Associate Mountaineering Consultant
Dr Robert Goh

Motivational Speaker
Author of Xixabangma: An Alpine Ascent of the North Ridge
First Singapore Everest Expedition
First Singapore Antartica Expedition (Co-Leader)
First Singapore Xixabangma Expedition in Alpine Style (Leader)
First Singapore Everest Expedition without supplementary Oxygen (Leader)
First Singapore K2 expedition without supplementary Oxygen (Leader)

We first met Robert when we trained together for the First Singapore Everest Expedition back in 1996. Eloquent and intriguing, Robert is also meticulous, an invaluable trait when it comes to mountaineering. Working together we have scaled new heights in the outdoor adventure arena. We firmly believe that with Robert as our Associate Consultant, Incredible Journeys will continue onward to greater achievements in the realm of high altitude performance.

As a friend, Robert is also unassuming and approachable, and is always willing to share his experiences or lend a listening ear, regardless of the topic.

Associate Mountain Biking Consultant
Kane Chew

Solo Overland Expedition (Singapore to Iran)

Kane is a cycling enthusiast who has extensive touring experiences around the world. He enjoys cycling expeditions as learning journeys about life. His longest expedition was an overland cycling journey from Singapore to Iran. Through Incredible Journeys, Kane hopes to lead like-minded adventurers into uncharted territories, where no spokes had gone before. Kane strongly believes in the indomitable human spirit and the value of teamwork to overcome challenges together.

Chua Kim Chuan

Jul 2002 - Mt Rinjani, Lombok, Indonesia
Apr/May 2003 - Mountaineering Trainings in Manali, India
May 2004 - Mt Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
Sept 2005 - Around Annapurna Trek, Nepal
Apr/May 2006 - Climbing Expedition, Manali, India
Dec 2007 - Maclehose Trail, Hong Kong
Oct 2009 - Goecha La Trek, Sikkim, India
Feb 2012 - Mt Apo, Mindanao, The Philippines
May 201 - Multi Peaks Expedition, Sabah, Malaysia
Sept 2012 - Rock Climbing Trip, Yang Shuo, Guilin, China

An outdoor enthusiast and a leader, Kim Chuan draws energy and "recharges" himself from outdoor adventures. Having a keen interest in mountaineering and rock climbing, he finds joy travelling to different parts of the world to experience the "thin fresh air". Kim Chuan treasures the humbling experiences through the invaluable journeys.

His 6-years stint with 2 of the world renowned outdoor centres, Outward Bound Singapore and Outward Bound Hong Kong, has instilled ethical outdoor practises in his formative years as an experienced outdoor leader. The precious exposure of outdoor cultures and natures shapes who he is today.

Hee Fook Wah

Fook Wah just likes to go different places and do different outdoor activities.

For examples, doing whitewater kayaking in rivers of Chiang Mai, traditional climbing in Arapiles of Australia, cross country skiing expedition in Finland, ice climbing in China, etc. He also led climbing trips to China and Hong Kong.

While in Singapore, he conducts kayaking and sport climbing courses in order to save for the next trip. His idea of incredible journey is simple - must be enjoyable and with good companies. Life is short; don't waste the journey.

Hiap Iuh

Hiap Iuh is an all-round outdoor leader. He excels in most of the outdoor-related activities for both land and water. He has 10 years of extensive experiences with the Outward Bound Singapore. Hiap Iuh is a methodical and dedicated person in both his personal life and his passion for adventure.

His resourcefulness and devotion to the outdoor has earned him a reputable educator as well as an adventurer within the local industry.

Hiap Iuh believes strongly that a well balance life is like a piece of enchanted fabric where life and adventure impeccably interwoven together.